Christian Home Educators of the County of Kern

Affidavit Workshop - We will be holding an Affidavit Workshop on Thursday 9/15/2016, 6:30 pm at Parkside Church. We will cover how to fill out the Private School Affidavit form, when to file it, and what other paperwork you need to have when homeschooling in California. Contact Carol Edwards if you are interested in attending.

CHECK exists to help Christians in the Bakersfield, California area who would like to homeschool their children. Home educating your children is very simple in California. All you need to do is:

  1. Love you children and want the best possible education for them.
  2. File a private school affidavit with the state, setting up your home as a private school. This is very simple, and a workshop is offered in September. Contact us for more information.
  3. Track the number of days your children attended school. There is no requirement for how many days they attend, and you do not need to submit this to the state. This should be very simple. Do you know where your children were each day this year? (with you!)

You can homeschool your children yourself.
You do not need help from the government.
You do not need to be a certified teacher.

You know what is best for your children. God gave you your children, and he will give you the skills you need to educate them. You love your children and can provide for them much better than any public or private school every could.

There are other options for providing a Christian education for your children including Private School Satellite Program (PSP). 

If you are considering Inspire or Valley Oaks, please read why charter schools are not an option for a Christian education.