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Where does the money for California Charter Schools come from?

Your friends, family and neighbors.

Inspire is giving "free" money to parents for each child they enroll in their Charter School. So where does that money come from?

Over 40% of the California State Budget goes to public schools, including charter schools. This comes from income taxes that are forcibly taken from every working Californian.

Another source of funds for public Charter Schools is Proposition 30. Along with other tax increases, Proposition 30 increased the state sales tax rate, with the money to be paid to public schools. So a part of almost every purchase that everyone in California makes goes to fund public schools. Inspire shows on their website that for the 2015/2016 school year they received $449,470 from Proposition 30 money. Valley Oaks received $1,436,386 from Proposition 30 in 2013/14.

Another source of funds for California Charter schools is property taxes. In the 2014/15 school year $14,821,000 ($14 Billion) in local property taxes was spent on public schools. Every person that owns or rents a home or apartment is paying these property taxes.

When you enroll your child in a public charter school, like Inspire, or Valley Oaks, you are increasing the amount of taxes that must be paid by your friends, family and neighbors.

Think about that as you spend your "free" money from Inspire. Would your friends and family approve of how you are spending their money?

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