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Does my child need to be vaccinated if they are enrolled in a California Charter School?


The most recent law regarding vaccinations is SB 277 which is effective as of July 1, 2016. According to SB 277 every child in California must be up to date on 10 different vaccines*. The only exception to the vaccine law is if you are a “pupil in a home-based private school or a pupil who is enrolled in an independent study program … (that) does not receive classroom-based instruction” (source: Text of SB 277)

Inspire and Valley Oaks are both public charter schools, not ISP’s (Independent Study Programs), therefore students enrolled at either of these schools are not exempt from the SB 277 vaccine law.

According to SB277, schools are not allowed to admit a student to the 7th grade, or allow them to be advanced to the 7th grade if they do not have proof of up to date vaccinations.

* As of 7/1/2016 there are 10 vaccines listed. The state government may add any vaccines to the list, at any time, with no oversight.

ISP is defined in Article 5.5, starting in section 51745 of Chapter 5 of Part 28 of the Education Code

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