Christian Home Educators of the County of Kern

Filing a Private School Affidavit

I. Who Files an Affidavit?
A. Families wishing to establish a private school in their home are required to file an affidavit.
B. Families that join an out-of-state program or correspondence school must file an affidavit to be recognized as operating a private school in California.
C. Families who join a private school umbrella program or a P.S.P. (Private School Satellite Program) in California do NOT need to file an affidavit.

II. When Should an Affidavit be Filed?
A. Before filing your affidavit, it is recommended that you join HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) and review their recommendations.
B. File your affidavit between Oct. 1st and Oct. 15th, as all private schools file during this time.
C. Any private school, however, can be established and an affidavit filed at any time of the year.

III. How are Affidavits Filed?
A. The online Affidavit is available beginning October 1st through October 15th. To obtain yours, CHECK encourages you to FIRST become a member of the Home School Legal Defense Association, H.S.L.D.A. (membership application forms are available through their website at, or by contacting a CHECK board member) and THEN visit At this website are various articles that are well worth your time to read as they ensure the legality of private education in your home. Additionally, HSLDA's website provides the web-link to the California Dept. of Education,, where the online affidavit form and procedure reside. Please follow HSLDA's suggestions on how to file the affidavit. As per HSLDA's suggestion, ignore any false statements aimed at discouraging and intimidating the affidavit filer with the opinion that private education in the home is not an option, nor is filing an affidavit the appropriate action to take. The law requires that you file this private school affidavit with the CDE in order for your children, who are enrolled in your private school (which happens to be based in your home) to be exempt from attendance at a public school.
B. If you are establishing a new school during the school year after the normal filing date of October 1-15, and the Private School Affidavit is not available on the CDE website, then you must request the Private School Affidavit from the CDE in writing. Do NOT call the CDE to request an affidavit. Please direct your written request to:

Attention: Private School Affidavit
California Department of Education
Policy and Program Coordination Office
1430 N Street, Suite 4309
Sacramento, CA 95814

You may also request the affidavit in writing via e-mail:

C.H.E.C.K. provides an affidavit workshop to be held in September to guide you step by step in filling out the affidavit form, and to help you answer any questions you have about legally homeschooling in California. Look for the workshop date and location in the August or September Encourager, as well as the calendar on this site. For more information, please call or email a board member.