Christian Home Educators of the County of Kern

A C.H.E.C.K List of Things To Do:

  1. Seek the Lord and agree as husband and wife on your decision to home educate. Refer to the Scriptures page on this site.
  2. Research private Christian home education. Read about the subject and educate yourselves on the various options from schooling styles to legal understandings. Refer to this site, visit the Christian bookstores and other Christian homeschool websites, and use the resources available from the Public Library.
  3. Organize your family and time schedule, and ensure that you have established discipline in your children.
  4. Decide which plan of home education to follow: 1) establish your own private Christian school by filing your private school affidavit; 2) enroll in a correspondence school (must also file a private affidavit if school is out of state); 3) join a local private Christian P.S.P. (Private School Satellite Program) which files an affidavit on your behalf. Refer to the Affidavit page and the Links page.
  5. Join the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). If you are removing your child(ren) from public school, we recommend that you join HSLDA first. Visit the HSLDA website.
  6. Become involved with C.H.E.C.K., your local support group.
  7. Join CHEA (Christian Home Educators Association of California). Visit the CHEA website.
  8. If you have decided to establish your own private Christian School, file your Private School Affidavit. Refer to the Affidavit page.
  9. Develop a course of study for your students, at their appropriate grade levels.
  10. Purchase any necessary curriculum and supplies. We recommend that you FIRST peruse several curriculum catalogs to gain as much information as possible. Many catalogs include helpful articles and suggestions on how to home school. Refer to the Resources page.
  11. Establish a system for your schools records, whether you've filed your own private school affidavit or joined an P.S.P. (Some P.S.P.'s may require a specific record keeping system).
  12. If applicable, withdraw your child(ren) from public school via a Letter of Withdrawal. You should also request the student(s) records. Visit the HSLDA website or contact a C.H.E.C.K. board member for sample letters, or for more information.
  13. Begin school!